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    Webfiling campaign

    We needed to convince accountants to give up paper forms for online filing. There was no immediate benefit to filing online. However portraying paper forms as old-fashioned could help spur companies to abandon the practice. We put paper forms up for ridicule, turning them into origami dinosaurs. DM included step-by-step instructions on how to turn the popular 288b into a pterodactyl. Great fun, although accountants complained how long it took to create the paper dino?!?! The campaign helped grow electronic filing from 21% to over 50% in just 18 months. 768,000 companies changed behaviour, saving an estimated 10 tonnes of paper every month. Recall of the advertising was incredibly high at 78% for all businesses, and 27% of those began filing online as a result of the campaign. Also, the dinos were shortlisted for four national awards for their efforts. // PRESS // DIGITAL // MICROSITE // DM // EVENTS // TESTIMONIAL FLYERS //