British Home Stores

    American 'donut' retailer, Krispy Kreme was launching in the UK and Bhs wanted to give them a run for their money. The task was to rejuvenate their dormant brand, The Great British Doughnut Company – a name that declared itself to be a national standard bearer. So that's what I did – made it British through and through. I started with the logo, borrowing the famous doughnut-shaped RAF roundel. For the imagery, I stripped it all back to the essentials of just the scrumptious doughnuts. A neat app idea had users adding doughnuts to pics and inviting friends to their local outlet. Copy employed lashings of Britishness, including a version of Churchill's famous 'fight them on the beaches' speech. Spiffing. // LOGO // BRAND IDENTITY // POSTERS // AMBIENT // POS // APP //